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What makes OKC special enough to remain critically relevant?While the NSA uses big data to violate your civil rights, OKC deploys it to find us people to date and marry (at least that’s what it tells us).Even though it’s not always on contemporary marketers’ radar, word-of-mouth marketing has an incredible impact on potential customers.One Nielsen study found a whopping 92 percent of consumers value referrals from friends or family members more than any other type of marketing.And in this analytical department, OKC remains a pioneer.

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It allowed people to do more with their mobile device than they were ever able to before.Social media was a huge part of the company’s strategy and it serves as an excellent example for any small business or entrepreneur wondering how to create genuine connections with their article that deconstructed Tinder’s success and breaks it down into four social media tactics brands should try to emulate.As their fan base grew, the company encouraged their customers to advocate for stores to carry the brand’s product line.They also developed a large social media presence in order to expand their social reach.Good business practice dictates being tied in with others that have strong search-engine rankings and website presences.