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Read More "Something in the Air" is a song recorded by Thunderclap Newman, a band created by Pete Townshend for The Who's former roadie John 'Speedy' Keen who wrote and sang the song, from their only album Hollywood Dream.

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Many artists say they tour year-around, but Poltz truly does.

Poltz was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and later immigrated with his family to Pasadena, California, then to Palm Springs, California.In 1998, Poltz released his first solo album, One Left Shoe, for Mercury Records.A disagreement in the artistic direction of his material led to him leaving the label and forming his own company, 98 Pounder Records.We first moved to the USA all the way from Canada Drove across the continent from Nova Scotia to Pasadena My sister and me, and my mom and dad From the cull to the sunny south There were palm trees growing and it was not snowing And I never did shut my mouth We drove on over to the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles We put our hands on a bible and we swore as a family that we were not communists When we drove away, I started to cry They said, "What's wrong son, are you sick?" I said, "I don't wanna be an American; I wanna be a Catholic" We talked Hollywood, and baseball in the car The voice of Vin Scully; It would travel really far…Well, it felt kinda weird, but I woulda pimped her out just to hear him sing a song We talked Hollywood, and baseball in the car The voice of Jack Buck; It would travel really far…