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Under the administrative policy the Commission considers any application within this four week period to have been filed in the week of the interruption of earnings or in the last week worked or the receipt of WLI or WC benefits end.

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Ever watched the movie version of a book, then poured over ALL the Spark Notes in detail just to avoid actaually reading the book in it’s entirety? My personal position is to advocate honesty and doing the job right the first time. I think Lincoln said “Nothing is easier to remember than the truth.” Still, there are times in our personal and business lives when a good piece of digital fabrication can serve us quite well and be used ethically to redirect situations with people, companies or organizations who are just being complete jackasses. rock | me | hard place (more on this in a future article): I went to a Fex Ex Kinkos and printed up a letterhead with the logo of the landlord (grabbed it off their website), and posing as the landord, I faxed the creditor a letter formally requesting the confirmation that the debt had been paid. Then, posing as the creditor, I submitted the confirmation to the new land lord.

If you’re a child of the digital era, there’s a 99% chance that you’ve committed some type of fabrication growing up. Maybe it was copy-pasting a little bit too much from Wikipedia into that book report than any sane person would care to admit (If you change the sentence order and use a thesaurus it counts as original work, right? I’ve even known young boys who delete “questionable” material from the history of their family computers. Sometimes it’s not the right time to reveal information that you know will soon change anyway. It’s usually the smartest people who are able to come up with the most creative solutions and work-arounds.

Perhaps it was in the form of doctoring that good ‘ol progress report so that your mom didn’t wreak bloody hell on you for a midterm grade that you knew was going to come up anyway (why get her blood pressure up, right? Sometimes it’s to avoid an uncomfortable conversation or altercation that would just aggravate an already tense situation. The downside to this ability is that sometimes smart people put so much work into a “shortcut” that they could have just spent the time to do the work correctly the first place. So I went to the new complex and said “All you have to do is fax the creditor the request and they’ll send you the document stating that I’m all paid up. The land lord said it was against their policy to request any type of document from a creditor and it had to be faxed directly to them.

accept responsibility for delays for which the Pilot was in no way responsible, given that the Pilot recruit is powerless to make, or even influence, decisions affecting his or her Wings training.

Moreover, the Board noted that any delays in flight training lead to delays in the attainment of Wings Standard and that any delays in attaining Wings Standard will directly prorogue a promotion to Capt as well as the concomitant salary increase.