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The participants overall showed high levels of acceptance and low levels of disgust about interracial relationships, and pointed to a strong negative correlation between the two.
Powers has risen to the fame and has become the most famous face in the industry.

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DJ Mickey Breeze will be selecting the Music so BE PREPARED!!!!!!

STYLES: We welcome House, Hip-Hop, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, and Breakdancers WHAT TO BRING: JUDGES: We have several Dancers and Instructors who’ll be selecting finalist for this episode.

Sarah Blanc is an award winning choreographer and Artistic Director of Moxie Brawl- a fresh, all-female, inclusive dance theatre company that creates work for outdoors, indoors and places where dance just shouldn’t be.

Project Dates Rehearsals: Week commencing 3rd April, 10th April, 1st May Final Rehearsals, Tech and Performance: w/c 8th May with performances on Saturday (exact dates tbc) Fee: £1350 (funding dependant) Audition Date The audition will take place at The Place, Sunday Sept 4th 5pm- 8pm in Studio 1 at The Place, 16 Flaxman Terrace, London.

The finalists will be shortlisted post the semifinals who will then perform at the City finale.

Think about this for a moment: It being treated like an audition means that someone always holds the power from the outset and your fate is being put in their hands. What kind of expertise or power are you granting people? It’s accentuated when you keep trying to convince that one or a few disinterested or half interested parties that keep throwing up objections, or when one person keeps calling you back for a wildcard ‘audition’ to try and convince them again, only to turn you down or make deal closing noises, only to back out at the last moment. The irony in all of this is that, if you stop auditioning, especially for people who you have no business elevating to expert judge status on a pedestal, you dramatically reduce the amount of ‘rejection’ in your dating life because whether they’re around for a hot minute, a few dates, or a relationship, you’re an equal and evaluating and choosing too.

Now you’d like to think that people who have the power to decide someone’s fate get it right every time, but yet there are a tonne of actors, authors, dancers, singers, job interviewees, successful entrepreneurs, sports stars and the list goes on, who have been rejected, and many of these have gone on to be more successful than people who they were rejected for, and many of the remainder are still trying.

You’ll either both ‘get in’, or neither of you will, but the point is that you’ve either got to work together or go your own way.

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